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Anybody seen that Possum?

"Possum Welcomes You"

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope since you have now located the site.
That you visit on a regular basis.

This site is now and will always be under construction.

Again welcome!!!

My name is Jim Thompson and my ham radio call is KF4LAP.
My nickname all my life has been Possum. When the FCC
isued me the call sigh of KF4LAP. I could not have been more
pleased. The first thing that popped in my mind was...........
KF4 Lazy Aza Possum.  It couldn't have fit any better.

I live in the USA. The land of the free.
Wow...Thats a great word............"FREE".....
Don't you think?... Well anyway back to the good old USA.

I live in the state of Georgia. In a little southern town thats
almost in the center of our state. About 25 miles south-east
of Warner Robins. Which if one of the worlds largest
Air Force Bases .

My home town of Cochran has a population of about
15,000 people and about 1,400 possums. I got the
possum statistics from a local ranger with the
Georgia Department of Natural Resourses.
We will omitt the name to protect the person.


Really the Possum is the one that needs the protection.
You would say so too, if you traveled the roads of Ga;
early in the morning. This is when you see so many fresh
killed possums; along the way.
They are so slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

....................God rest their souls.....................


You can talk to this Possum if you are a licensed ham.
I own two local repeaters. A two meter repeater on
147.330 mhz with a 77hz pl tone. And a 440 repeater on
444.975 mhz with a 77 hz pl tone also.
They are both located in Cochran Ga.

Central Ga. Instant Weather Update!

If you are traveling interstate I-75 or I-16 in Ga. and you
have your rig tuned to 147.330 or 444.975. Please give
me a call. You can catch me almost any time. I carry a
dual band HT most every where I go.

Everyone for hundreds of miles around can tell you where
to find KF4LAP: The possum.

If you are ever in my area and need assistance for any
reason. We have the 145.110 machine in Cochran and the
147.300-MGRA machine in Warner Robins.
I call it the Mother Ship.....
All these machines have open auto patches and someone
will be happy to assist you with the access. This will save
you a toll charge.

Looking forward to a future conversation.
Hey if you are not a ham you can talk to me on ICQ.

[ ICQ-#-4568572 ]

Well so much for now.
See ya later.
I'm gone DX-Fishing.

Want to join me?
It's a great way to relax!
Send me some e-mail and tell me about your big ones that got away.

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Until then 73 de Possum

!Goes To The Mall In His Underwear!
"No Guts No Glory"

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